#11 lookaside_upload uploading uses sha1 namespacing for c9s
Opened a year ago by chantra. Modified 10 months ago

dist-git flat layout using sources file (instead of .{package}.metadata use sha512.
when using lookaside_upload to upload a new source, sha1 is used, regardless of the type of sha used in sources file.

Using the following gist, one can upload using sha512 namespacing:

I am not sure what the best way to handle this is here. Either providing a CLI argument to specific which sha algorithm to use, or if possible doing some auto discovery to pick up the right.

Something alike:

test -r sources && echo $(cut -f1 -d' ' sources | tr -s '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]') || echo sha1

We may instead want to encourage the use of centpkg-sig (distributed in the centpkg rpm) for uploading using both layouts.

isn't that option for sha512 and sources file made available through this PR ? (merged so available). If so maybe we can just close this issue (just discovering it now myself when having a look at project)

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