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17:47 rpms/emacs import emacs-24.3-20.el7_4
CentOS Sources authored 988ab2 on c7
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6 days ago
17:28 websites/ Updating to match current situation & be more general. - ...
Karsten Wade authored 1b46c1 on master
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11:58 websites/ Modified link on frontpage for announce email (7.4.1708 release)
Fabian Arrotin authored 3a30bb on master
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05:56 rpms/postgresql import postgresql-9.2.23-1.el7_4
CentOS Sources authored a8cbe0 on c7
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7 days ago
23:48 sig-altarch/linux-firmware upgrade to 20180828 firmware
Johnny Hughes authored 03844b on sig-altarch7-x86_64
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23:34 sig-altarch/kernel upgrade to upstream 4.9.50
Johnny Hughes authored f6b99d on sig-altarch7-x86_64
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21:41 rpms/kernel-rt Manual CentOS Debranding
Johnny Hughes authored bfbaf4 on c7-rt
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20:43 websites/ Modified download links for 1708 release
Fabian Arrotin authored 6732f5 on master
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17:37 sig-core/comps There isn't a CentOS 6 LiveCD any more
Anssi Johansson authored 7a18db on master
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13:16 rpms/kernel-rt import kernel-rt-3.10.0-693.2.2.rt56.623.el7
CentOS Sources authored 0d397f on c7-rt
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11:17 rpms/kernel-rt Manual CentOS Debranding
Johnny Hughes authored 66ce3f on c7-rt
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