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05:25 rpms/mercurial import mercurial-2.6.2-7.el7_3
CentOS Sources authored e2bedf on c7
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22:02 sig-core/cbs-tools Add cache invalidation Fix logs tests done
Thomas Oulevey authored 2a062d on qa
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21:09 sig-core/cbs-tools qa for arch detection testing on cbs
Thomas Oulevey authored 38e218 on qa
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15:26 centos-git-common update for git update, submitted b...
Johnny Hughes authored 4ec6d6 on master
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2 days ago
10:16 sig-altarch/linux-firmware update to 20170622 firmware
Johnny Hughes authored 400508 on sig-altarch7-x86_64
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09:44 sig-altarch/kernel upgrade to upstream 4.9.34, includes stack guard patch
Johnny Hughes authored 88234d on sig-altarch7-x86_64
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5 days ago
17:25 rpms/sudo import sudo-1.8.6p7-23.el7_3
CentOS Sources authored f48767 on c7
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17:14 rpms/kernel i686 mods; c7-plus mods
Johnny Hughes authored b312fc on c7-i686
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17:09 rpms/kernel Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/c7-i686' into c7-i686
Johnny Hughes authored 4c6b8c on c7-i686
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6 days ago
12:43 rpms/thunderbird Manual CentOS Debranding
Johnny Hughes authored f52169 on c7
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03:12 rpms/thunderbird debrand thunderbird-52.2.0-1.el7_3
CentOS Sources authored eed9cf on c7
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03:12 rpms/thunderbird import thunderbird-52.2.0-1.el7_3
CentOS Sources authored 63838d on c7
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